With all of the Hurricanes in the US lately (Harvey in Texas, Irma in Florida, Jose right behind Irma), it is great to see everyone coming together to help each other out. Countless lives have been saved, and many are grateful.

         But there is also a darker side to this image that was lurking behind these disasters. There were those who stayed behind to loot, steal, and even worse to rob and assault homeowners. We may not want to think of these situations in such a light, but there are those out there who take these opportunities to do the unthinkable in order to pursue personal gain. Truth be told, these individuals are always blending into society, waiting for the perfect chance to strike.

          The police are there to protect us, right? We shouldn't have to worry about these individuals, should we? Honestly, you never know if or when you could find yourself in the midst of such a situation. You don't know if you will ever be in the middle of a home break-in. The only things you should know for sure are:

                     1.) You have a habit of consistent Concealed Carry and you know how to use it.

                     2.) Your home is protected with a solid Security System that will not fail.

                     3.) Your head is on a swivel and you are situationally aware everywhere you go.

      SecurityAllStar protection   

            Whether your EDC is a GlockWalther1911FN, or whatever it may be; BE READY. I'm not asking you to be paranoid, I'm only asking that you stay situationally aware. God willing you never have to use your Security System or your EDC. But if you do, don't you want to know you are prepared for it to protect you and your family? Stay Alert, and you will Stay Alive!

At we are happy to carry only the best in Home and Self Defense to keep you and your family protected.



Whether you're a hunters or sportsman shooter KAFIR GEAR SUPPRESSORS allow you to shoot without the hassle of hearing protection. How many times have you missed the shot because you had to put your hearing protection on before you could take the shot?  Not any more with KAFIR GEAR SUPPRESSORS.


So, we come across a lot of products and opportunities to carry them.  Obviously we can't carry them all.  The harvest right freeze dryers came up again and again over the past few months and we could not ignore the requests.  In a nutshell, you can create your own 25 year shelf life food from table scraps without having all the added preservatives and destroying the quality of the food like traditional canning.

They are a commercial grade product so don't expect them to be a kitchen appliance but expect them to be high-quality, durable and yes; they get the job done very well for preserving food.  Here is link to the products?

Picture of Standard Harvest Right Freeze Dryer


We have never considered the Glock to be a collectible, although the last couple of years we have seen some pristine earlier generation Glocks become extremely popular.  Yes, we were surprised.

Now, they are making the same awesome Glocks you know and love in different colors, with different slides, and with the same Glock perfected internals.  Go figure, a cooler looking Glock with the same reliability.

Not many companies today have these in stock, but we have them. Order your Battleworn Glock today, while you still can, they are going fast.

Check them out here and ask any questions you might have.



So, why haven't they ever come up with a modular suppressor?   Because of engineering and money constraints. has come up with the first modular suppressor of its kind in the world.  Not only can it be equipped to fit multiple calibers, the base kit will fit multiple rifles, act as a flash suppressor and take some of the recoil away just like a muzzle break.

We find many suppressors were not well planned.  They can't be cleaned, upgraded, swapped out easily and are WAY TOO MUCH MONEY FOR WHAT YOU GET!!!

The Kafir Gear Suppressor from will come with 223/556 and a 308 option and internals and connectors can be ordered to fit most rounds up to 30 cal.

The official release of this product will be by mid-October.  Time to get excited about a new product.

Kafir Gear Logo


I will post more later but I have found the lightest body armor on the market.  At 2.9 LBS per large plate, DKX ( body armor offers the greatest protection with minimal weight.  

Anyone had a chance to put your hands on these?

Qolsys Mini IQ Secondary Pinpad

Qolsys has the very cool device that other security companies do not have.  They manufacture a secondary pinpad that is super small and can be put virtually anywhere in your home or office without being noticed or without having to destroy walls and your home.

It measures about 2" by 2" and weighs about 2 ounces.  I mean, this is super compact and requires no expert setup.  It is completely battery operated and the batteries last about 3 years.  I don't know why SimpliSafe, 2GIG and other DIY companies are not promoting anything like this.  It is also very inexpensive; less than $50 and can be put anywhere in the building withing abotu 150' of the main security panel.  Qolsys seems to thing of all the cool stuff and for the girls, the aesthetics are very important. 

Check it out here and give us your feedback:



Charlottesville VA Should be a warning

American's need to realize that the world is not becoming a friendlier place and violence by morons is becoming almost a daily/regualr occurence.  So, what does that mean for everyday Americans.  Yes, we still need to be kind, love our neighbor, try to raise good children but make sure that we do not have our heads stuck in the sand when it comes to protecting our family.  Make sure you are looking after your family with a very secure home security system.  This is not about budget, this is about security and safety.


THe Best Way To Use Your Security System

THe Best Way To Use Your Security System

So there are primarily 5 ways to Arm/Disarm a security system.I want to speak to the features and benefits of each.

The 5 ways are  1. Touching the Keypad of the system itself.

                       2. Using a SmartLock or Keyswitch onsite.

                       3. Voice Annunciation onsite.

                       4. Using a remote app on any device that has internet connection from anywhere in the world

                       5. Using a Keychain/Keyfob onsite.

Being in the security industry for over 20 years, I have been able to use systems in every conceivable fashion.Like most endusers, I am looking for the quickest,easiest way to use a system that provides my personal peace of mind and level of security I desire per application. 

At first glance the most obvious method is to 1. Touch the keypad of the system itself. Interestingly enough it is something I rarely do.The main reason is not that I have 4 other methods but, it is the Level of Security.Method 1 traditionally requires the enduser to access the system thru an enter/exit door that has a delay programmed in order to get to the keypad.That means that the monitoring station is going to wait a certain amount of time(generally 30-60 seconds) in order for the enduser to disarm the system.If there is an illegal intrusion thru that door that is giving the intruder an extra 60 seconds to wreak havic. So I like all my openings to be programmed to instant.Of course this require disarming from outside the protected area. All four of the next ways can allow that.

Way 2 Using a Smart Lock or Keyswitch is a convenient alternative. There were over 1 million electronic smart locks sold in the US last year alone.Using a keypad outside on these devices is easy and alows unlocking a door and disarming the system at the same time if you like. Keyswitches are an oldschool method that basically you use a key into a hardwired switch that armed/disarmed the sytem and usually had an LED indicator to distinquish the mode.

Way 3 Voice Annunciation is the new kid on the block. With the arrival of Alexa in the AmazonEcho,and a host of more to come like  Google Home ,Apple,etc. etc. we are seeing the future now.I think time will render this as the best way but it still has a long way to go in reference to effectiveness,security levels etc.

Way 4 Using an App is the most marketed by the industry and for good reason.Cell phones have become part of our hands! Apps are cool and allow the enduser the ability to do control everything the system is capable of.If I am not onsite it is generally my prefered method.

Way 5 Using a keychain/keyfob onsite is still my favorite method of interaction with a system. First of all i have a ton of systems at a variety of locations.I have One Interlogix 4- button Chrome keyfob that is on my person at all times and is programmed into all my systems. This means I don't have to remember any codes,I can open things,turn on things,arm and disarm the system.But it is also a walking panic button. It is the fastest,simplest,most reliable interaction I can use. I highly recommend it! 

So what do you think?

"Security John"



Ultrasync Hub Security System

After 7 years of development, there is finally a new product that is going to be a game changer in how security is done.  Security AllStar offers no contract, a low price and no charges for video services.  This system is the most secure in the industry.  Join the discussion on the best DIY system in the industry.  You can have it now with Professional Activation and Self-Installation.