Interlogix UltraSync Hub 7" TouchScreen UX-Touch01 for ZW-6400

Secondary Touch Screen UX-Touch01 works with ZW-6400 Interlogix UltraSync Hub 7" TouchScreen UX-Touch01
Manufacturer: Interlogix
Manufacturer part number: UX-Touch01

Secondary Touch Screen for zw-6400

The UltraSync™ 7" TouchScreen provides a new way to interact with the UltraSync Hub. Accommodating up to four UltraSync 7" TouchScreens per hub, UltraSync system owners can control their system from multiple locations throughout their property.

The UltraSync 7" TouchScreen connects to the UltraSync Hub wirelessly via Wi-Fi® and features an icon-operated interface that’s nearly identical to the UltraSync mobile app. The common interface between the UltraSync 7" TouchScreen and the mobile app helps to reduce operator learning time and improve the overall user experience.

The UltraSync 7" TouchScreen provides at-a-glance visibility to system status and easy operation through an icon-rich interface. It also provides audible signals to indicate when the system is in an rming/disarming sequence and will siren when the system is in alarm.


  • Up to four UltraSync™ 7" TouchScreens supported on a single UltraSync Hub
  • UltraSync Hub connectivity via a wireless Wi-Fi router
  • Micro-USB power supply
  • Tabletop or wall-mount placement
  • Controls for individual as well as all areas/partitions of an UltraSync system (Arming/disarming, Automations, Lighting control, Door lock control, Thermostat control, Live video and recorded clips, Systems settings and programming)

Interlogix UltraSync Hub 7" TouchScreen UX-Touch01

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