About Us

Mission Statement - Security Allstar exists to help Americans Provide Powerful Protection for everything they hold dear.

Security AllStar - TN LIC 2009

Security AllStar (www.securityallstar.com) is the only pro-conservative and pro-Second Amendment security company in the US, dedicated to providing the very best options in personal and corporate security solutions.  Our guarantee is that we provide the most secure options available on the market today, that are both cost effective, convenient and user friendly. Complete protection means more than just a security system.  Security AllStar is America's only super reliable, nationwide coverage service provider that guarantees your money will be used to fignt for First and Second Amendment rights, pro-life, small government, family values and religious freedom.

Security Systems can include the latest in automation, energy management and access control for single or multiple users but including personal protection is highly recommended to all of our customers.

Most of all Security AllStar is about bringing you TOTAL PROTECTION. We offer a full line of tactical gear and personal defense equipment and services.


·         PROMOTING AND SUPPORTING the 2nd Amendment

·         Conservative values 

·         God, Country and Family Values

·         Establishment and Sanctity of Marriage

·         Support of the United States Constitution

·         Strong opposition to Sharia Law and Jihadist Establishments


·        Return to core American Values

·         Put prayer back in school

·         Take the restrictions off of non-profits from making political statements

·         Realize that abortion is simply a convenience to disguise immorality and in itself is a human rights violation

·         Promote America first before considering the political, industrial, and trade impacts to other countries.