Guardians in School

After the tragic event of Valentine’s day last year in Parkland Florida, an art school in Palmetto has taken the ultimate step to keep their students as safe as possible. To my knowledge, they are the first school to date, since that shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, take part in the Guardians Program which employs retired police, military, and first responder personnel to protect schools and students.  It gives them semi-automatic rifles and allows them to save the lives of our children by taking advanced measures should the need arise. In an interview,  the blaze Principal Bill Jones was quoted saying “We’re not looking for a fair fight, we’re looking at an overwhelming advantage.” Now that is one quote that all school staff should take to heart. What do y’all think of this amazing program, and the art school for being the first to use it?

Abductions and Assaults on the Rise?

So, I see many stories on the news andAbductions and Assaults on the Rise? of course social media about women being threatened, abducted, and stalked. Why is this such an issue in this country? I recently watched a video a man who was clearly out of his mind harassed a woman on her social media and then showed up to her place of work. His reasoning behind doing this because the nut bag thought he could convince her that they were made for each other.  Towards the end of the video I find out like the rest of the audience that this man had planned to “take this woman home and prove to her they were meant to be.” Does that sound like sane thinking? I should not call him a “man” as a “man” would not in anyway make a woman feel that uncomfortable, especially after being rejected. Calling names is one thing but planning to abduct is on a whole other level of pure insanity. Yes, this man was arrested, and was taken for a psych eval. Thank goodness for the good Samaritans that detained and made sure the man and his now ex friend were not able to flee the scene once the police showed up. How would you have handled the situation you don’t know this female but you can clearly tell she is uncomfortable and then you hear that creepy guy one and two tell her they will be waiting for her after her job closes?  Can I suggest that people carry this in order to prevent abductions and assaults:

Students Addressing Active Shooters at MSD

It has been nearly a year since the Valentine’s Day shooting of Marjory Stoneman Douglas Highschool, and every day we learn more and more details of one of the most deplorable days in recent history. The students created a movement pushed for change and achieved some of the many goals they set out to accomplish. Many of us thankfully will never know how terrifying it is to fear for our lives in the same way that these young adults did, but for them to go through this tragedy and come out the other side stronger and with a purpose is outstanding. I commend the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas Highschool for not allowing fear to control them, for setting an example, and for being strong despite the many struggles they had to overcome. Of the seventeen students and teachers families that passed that fateful day we remember, we mourn with you, and we hope that no one feels this pain again.   Let’s hope that the world takes a bi-partisan approach and does take foolish steps as a way to try an prevent such future acts of violence.  Let’s hope the world is sensible.  Here is a good video to watch and it was produced the day of the MSD shooting.  In fact, it was happening on the big screen TV right behind the interview:

The injustice of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting

When you read about the school shooting that happened last year in Parkland, Florida you wonder how something like this could have happened how something bigger than Columbine was able to occur. Well the truth of the matter is it shouldn't have. Parkland Police Department were warned on six separate occasions about Cruz; let that sink in for a moment. Seventeen students and teachers are dead and fourteen to seventeen more injured.Now that last sentence, the one that tells you the police were warned about Cruz on six “separate occasions and did nothing,” go ahead let in sink even further. The entire thing could have been prevented had the Parkland Police Department taken the calls and reports seriously, instead they appeared to have brushed it off. Now I'm sure you are asking yourself why, well it's because he had no misdemeanors or felonies. If you’re like me your blood is already beyond boiling at this point and your calling for heads and jobs. There was some justice as the SRO was released and the Sheriff was also removed by the new governor.  This problem came from the top.  Cruze is clearly mentally ill and unstable, had no priors, and one of the reports that was phoned in even stated they were concerned because he was posting disturbing photos on Instagram. How do we get enough resources so that the police can do their jobs.

School Security

Continuing off of the last blog post today we will take a quick look at the ideas and thoughts that have been thrown around in regards to keeping our children safe while at school. It's easy to say things like; We should have better gun control, the security measures should've been better, how about we keep our kids home till insert whatever insane idea here is done, add more resource officers, arm the teachers, don't arm the teachers, etc... But what all of us fail to understand is that say your in a fight, just abosolutely mopping this person all over the place and they pull out a knife, how do expect to protect yourself against a knife it was just supposed to be a fist fight. The same idea can be applied to a school shooting scenario, it was just supposed to be a regular day at school how're you supposed to stay alive with an active shooter who's hellbent on taking lives? The answer is simple we have many retired military, police, and first responder personel who are more than willing to keep our children safe and are more than willing to take out whatever threatens the lives of our children while they are in school. Add more security measures to the security system the school already has, teach children to be fighters not victims. In the last decade or two the number of school shootings has increased by more than one hundred percent, they were non-existent, why because if you had a problem with someone you settled it after school with your fists not by going to school and killing people just because. There are many ways to keep kids safe some schools invest in expensive high tech security systems, others have armed the teachers, others interact more with their students, and some are taking part in the guardian program. Whatever or however you keep kids safe during school doesn't matter how ridiculous it is so long as it works.

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas School Shooting

Last year the American population was left heartbroken and terrified in the wake of yet another school shooting. Building twelve of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School became a nightmare for the students and teachers. Many great and wonderful lives were lost that day out of a total of roughly thirty-five that were shot seventeen passed away. In the aftermath many things were suggested and as always gun control was one of them, but what those calling for gun control don't understand or seem to care to understand is that guns will always fall into the hands of horrible and awful people. Banning this or that will not change the fact that if someone truly wants to harm people it will not stop them from doing so, instead you are creating more crafty and vicious people. Among the options offered was the Gaurdians program which takes authorized and knowledgeable ex-police, military, and first responders arms them and places them on campuses across the nation. Tell me how do you plan to stop people from getting firearms, the answer is you don't and you can't. How do you expect to stop evil? You cannot hug evil away, you cannot talk it away, it exists because good cannot exist without evil. I for one know I would feel a hell of a lot better sending my kid to a school where someone who is trained, armed, and perpared to take out the threat to protect my and everyone else's child in that school. You calling for gun control because you think it will stop guns from falling into the wrong hands, it won't criminals get ahold of firearms every single day. Most schools can't afford those fancy security systems that do all the most advanced and latest in security. The Gaurdians program is a start well over three fourths of those participating are volunteers that want the future generations to be kept safe these gaurdians won't cost the schools a thing because they are volunteering their time and potentially their lives to keep our children safe. I am in no way saying get rid of security systems, if you can afford to beef up your schools security system please do. I am simply saying that we as americans need to protect our future which is our children.

When an Alarm Isn't Enough

Imagine this-

Youre home alone at night. It's late and youve just finished getting ready for bed. You grab your new book of the week and crawl into bed to wind down, when you think you hear a knock at your front door. Youre not expecting anyone though, so you assume they have they wrong address. You ignore the knock, and get back into your book. Little do you know, the knock was someone checking to see if the house is vacant. Luckily, your alarm system is set and once they get through the door, the alarm instantly begins to beep loudly and the police are alerted. Although, this burglar is smart and knows he has several minutes before anyone arrives, not knowing youre home. The alarm isnt enough to immediately deter him, but you have already anticipated this situation and gotten a Security AllStar self defense security package, including a firearm. You grab your gun from your nightstand to check out the situatuation. Slowly, you inch towards your living room, hoping not to find anything missing and hoping even more that he's not still there. Once youre down the hallway, you peak your head around the corner to asses the urgency of the situation. You notice a blank space on the wall where your TV was and the door wide open, but are relieved to find an otherwise vacant room. Thank goodness you didnt have to take extreme measures to protect yourself, but next time you may not be so lucky. Thank goodness for your gun....

Will Panic Buttons Help School Safety?

As I was perusing the world wide web as I tend to do, I came across a horiffic story of yet another outburt of violence in a Pittsburgh school. A young man with no history of rage stabbed 22 of his fellow classmates, completely unprevoked. The schools answer to this was to install a self-proclaimed 'panic button with a brain.' It is basically just a button on your phone you push that sends the school into lockdown without the delay of the actual travel time to an emergency lockdown lever.

Now, I think this is a good start to a solution, but not perminant. What about the people trapped in the area of the building with the perp? What are they to do?

I know you've heard this saying before, but the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Same rules apply to anyone with any sort of weapon. These people have already made up their minds that they are going to hurt as many people as they possibly can, for whatever reason it may be. They wont be persuaded otherwise by alarms or locks or whatever means you try. This 'panic button' will only slow them down a little.

They only way to stop them in their tracks and prevent more people from being harmed is to come at them with equal or greater force. Call me crazy, but I dont think a button on a phone is any match for a knife.

Our security packages include a firearm for that extra step of protection if for any God-forsaken reason you find yourself in the midst of crisis. Because even though losing one life is one too many, one is far better than the 22 he attempted to take. I believe we have found the solution to these issues, and its a simple answer. ARM YOURSELVES!!!! BE READY!!!!! Dont wait for tragedy to strike, be presumptious and be aware.

Vandalism on the Rise

I dont know about you, but every day when I wake up, the first thing I do is check my social media apps and catch up. Probably not the healthiest routine, but my routine nontheless. A couple days ago, I was shocked to see one of my close friends ranting and raving about how someone had come to his home and not only spray painted his car, but also slashed his tires!!!

Now, this friend of mine has quite the social media following, so tracking him down is much easier than the average person. Figuring out where he lives isnt too difficult so its that much more important that he makes sure his home is under constant surveillance. Thank goodness he had one of our systems and got the whole incident on tape.

Not only did he catch them in the act, he could even see their faces on the footage. He was able to immediately get the police involved and hold someone accountable. Imagine if he had tried to cut corners and thought, "that would never happen to me." When in reality, it could have been any of us. Make sure you are protected incase some little punk decides that youre next.

Deadly home invasion

If you watch the news chances are you've already seen the story about the home invasion in Phoenix, Arizona. The criminal entered the home rounded up everybody inside and put them all in one room restrained, however one broke free of his restraints wrestled a gun from one of the criminals and fired wounding one and recieving a life threatening wound in return that ultimately ended his life. The man they arrested has been charged with First degree murder, armed robbery, and animal cruelty. This right here that y'all have just read is why home security is so important now more than ever. And as cheesy as the video is here's a link:

Your probably thinking to yourself I can take care of myself, I'm sure those people in that home in Arizona thought the same thing. In the times we live in it is most definetely better to be safe rather than sorry. The sad unfortunate truth is we live in a time where school shootings are almost expected, where women can't walk alone ever, where missing person's cases are almost never solved, and lastly we live in a time where even if your protecting yourself you can still be held at fault in the eyes of the law.

It's a hard pill to swallow but it's one we have to take heed from protect yourself, and your family please don't let your family end up on the news as another armed robbery gone bad.