SECURITY ALLSTAR ( has partnered with other leading professionals including Privacymaxx, US Law Shield and other professionals with special forces, navy intelligence and security backgrounds to bring churches and coporate customers the most comprehensive aproach to addressing their vulnerability to threats, both from domestic and international forms of violence and terrorism.  With nearly 200 years of combined experience this is the first professional team addressing all of the current security issues and concerns. Our team can provide a comprehensive symposium to address and review the following topics:

  • Situational Awareness – Active Self Defense

o   This training includes training on behavioral cue acuity; knowing yourself and knowing your surroundings; and recognizing a threat before it becomes kinetic.

  • All-hands Active Shooter Response

o   Everyone has a role to play in a worst-case scenario attack, active shooter, etc. This training covers best practice procedures for response to an active shooter.

  • Critical Stress Management – The Adrenaline Cascade

o   This block of instruction details the effects of stress on the body. Once we understand what's happening we can use this for mission planning and contingency planning. It should also affect the way we train. Life and death struggles are by nature stressful. Be prepared to perform critical tasks under stress.

  • Paranoid or Aware – Understanding the Threat

o   Terrorist attacks…domestic or international…are we being paranoid? This presentation looks at the trends and patterns of terrorist threats and the likelihood of an attack on Western churches.

  • Three Threats, One Mind – The Intersection Between Terrorism, Cyber, and Street Crime

o   A look at each of these 3-primary threats, the psychology behind what links them together and what it means to you.

Security AllStar brings a team of electronic and physical security experts with solutions for surveillance and access control that are both solid and affordable.  Security AllStar has manufacturer direct relationships to assist in the sourcing of equipment for hardening and securing a structure as well as obtaining tactical gear, personal-defense equipment and firearms.

Our instructiors are the most elite professionals in the industry.  Their backgrounds include: Israeli Special Forces, Navy Intelligence, Army Green Beret, active Law Enforcement with SWAT, Homeland Security, and the Central Intelligence Agency, as well as corporate Security Specialists.