Identity Prime Protection

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Special with SAS-Prime Monitoring includes Identity Theft for your household!!!

Identity Prime Summary of Services

What you get with Identity Prime Services:

$25,000.00 Identity Theft Insurance

Protect yourself, your family and your dependents against financial loss from identity theft, including lost

wages, letters to creditors, costs to defend against collection suits for

falsely incurred debt, and other legal fees. $25,000.00 of insurance with

zero deductible.

ID Early Warning System

You get 24/7 proactive identity notification and monitoring protection with

the ID Early Warning System. The system constantly monitors your

identity and helps alert you of possible threats to your identity before you can

become a victim.

Lost Wallet Service

If your wallet is lost or stolen, Identity Prime will help you identify your

lost cards and documents and get them canceled and replaced with you.


Internet Black Market Monitoring Service

Provides monitoring of customer information on public and private black-market sites,

hacker forums and chat and discussion areas through a combination of web crawling

indexing and human intelligence. Requires customer to opt-in to monitoring by creating online account and adding customer information to be monitored.

Fully Managed Identity Theft Recovery Service:

If you become a victim of identity theft, trained identity recovery agents

will help get your identity back to normal with little work on your part.

 Key Service Components Include:

24/7/365 Toll-Free Victim Response Center - a dedicated toll-free # for victims to call the Identity Prime 24/7/365 Bilingual (English and Spanish) Identity Theft Response Centers in Arizona and California to report becoming a victim and to open a recovery/restoration case.

Dedicated Recovery Advocate - each victim is assigned a dedicated Identity Theft Recovery Advocate who will work the entire case until the victim is restored to pre-theft status.

Personalized Recovery Plan – the victim’s dedicated Advocate conducts an intake interview and develops a personalized case plan to document and dispute all fraudulent matters necessary to recover/restore the victim’s identity.

Limited Power of Attorney - through a Limited Power of Attorney, each victim’s dedicated Advocate will perform a Fully Managed Recovery/Restoration to dispute and reverse fraudulent transactions and accounts.

Expanded Monitoring for Victims – to help monitor continued resolution of each victim’s identity, victims receive one year of complimentary monitoring services that can include credit monitoring, name and alias monitoring, phone number monitoring, address monitoring, criminal monitoring, and internet black-market monitoring as needed.

Complete Family Coverage – coverage includes the primary account holder and the primary account holder’s spouse or domestic partner, dependents under the age of twenty-five (25) who have the same permanent address as the member, and parents of the primary account holder or the primary account holder’s spouse or domestic partner who live with the primary account holder.

Pre-Existing ID Theft Coverage – coverage includes all identity theft events discovered during the plan period, regardless of when the theft                  occurred.

Typical Victim Recovery Process Provided - If an identity fraud or an identity theft event occurs, a professionally-trained Identity Theft Recovery Advocate will be assigned to provide the following services as needed to covered members:

  • Provide via overnight mail or email, at the option of the victim, the necessary forms and instructions, including a limited power of attorney form that allows Identity Prime to complete a fully managed recovery where Identity Prime does the work on behalf of the Consumer.
  • Notify the three major credit bureaus, and the Consumer’s impacted creditors, financial institutions and utility providers if there has been an Identity Theft Event.
  • Provide assistance with filing a Police Report.
  • Assist with providing fraud alerts to the three major credit bureaus requesting that a fraud alert be placed on the Consumer’s credit files and impacted credit accounts where there has been an Identity Theft Event.
  • Collect information regarding misuse of the Consumer’s accounts.
  • Create and maintain a case file to document the identity fraud.
  • Access and review the Consumer’s credit files with the Consumer to determine the accuracy of the file and potential areas of fraud.
  • Research and investigate potential damage to Consumer’s identity utilizing a limited power of attorney with creditors, governmental agencies, financial institutions and other to diligently strive to restore the Consumer’s identity to pre-event status.
  • Provide information to the FTC, and to other government agencies as appropriate.
  • Other assistance as Identity Prime might reasonably be able to offer a Consumer on a case by case basis as determined at Identity Prime’s sole and absolute discretion.
  • Such other assistance as may be agreed upon by Identity Prime and the Consumer