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ASP attachments are compatible with over three million Tactical Batons in service throughout the world. Unique accessories that fill a specific need. Each is designed, tested and manufactured to be an integral part of the total ASP Tactical System.

A cap to enhance retention or impact potential. An accessory to add OC or light. A tool to gain entry. An insignia to add distinction. Each ASP attachment is built with the same
old world craftsmanship and attention to detail as your Tactical Baton.


are available with 66 standard Prestige insignias including ASP Certification, operational specialty, US military and State Seals. Logos are offered in Brass or Nickel Silver.


are available with Gold (52100) or Silver (52300) Bands to accent the Tactical Baton. Caps are produced for all Prestige insignias.

Grip Caps

are designed to enhance retention. The Grip Cap is available in Textured Black and Electroless.


enhance retention and are available with 66 standard Prestige insignias.


Fold out the back cover. Combine the first two numbers of the desired Prestige Logo.


three numbers of the selected Baton Cap with the Distinctive insignias are available in Brass, on request for individual agencies or divisions. Custom logos are available with an order for 25 Logo Caps or Guardian Keys. Nickel Silver or color fill. They may be die struck.

Leverage Caps

lock the baton in the officer's hand improving retention and control. More important, this unique design transfers the fulcrum of the baton to the little finger increasing both speed to target and impact potential. With the Leverage Cap installed, an F16 has the impact of an F21. An F21 strikes like an F26. Available in Textured Black, Electroless, Gold Band (54700), Silver Band (54800) and with Prestige insignias.


lights produce brilliant white illumination. They provide both a room filling halo and a penetrating central beam of incredible brightness. The rotational activation system for each light is positive and quiet.


attachments combine the straight line activation system of the Defender with the proven dependability of the ASP Tactical Baton. Heat (OC) and Test (Training) Inserts for the Tactical Defender are replaceable. Conversion Tubes allow Palm Defender Inserts to be used in the Tactical Defender.

ASP 21" Baton Combo Case (for use w/Handcuffs) Ballistic 35635


ASP 21" Baton Combo Case (for use w/Handcuffs) Ballistic 35635