Ballistic Plates Promotions

Is our world evolving?  Do we need more protection than ever?  If you are in the military, civil defense or contractor you are already aware of the need to "armor up" and protect yourself.  More popular than ever are civilians who are becoming aware of a more dangerous society as erruptions like Ferguson Missouri and Philadelphia are fresh on our minds.  Extreme consitions sometimes call for extreme conditions.  DKX and EAA body are a sure way to protect yourself when a situation gets out of hand.  Also extreme is the type of protection offered by these body armor plates.  Weighing in at about 2 pounds, the DKX buoyant plates can actually be very light to carry around and not restrict your movement like steel or ceramic plates that weigh in much heavier and they still offer the same 7.62 ballistic protection of military approved ceramic and steel.  When you are thinking about protection, call Security Allstar to get the future in ballistic plates designed for your safety.

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DKX-SF-CAMPBELL KIT with front and rear plates and convertible carrier with quick release and quick setup. Buoyant plates actually float and are 7.62 rated. Body Armor Kit sales require active military ID.

Promotional Plate Carrier Vest with Cumber Bund Tan

Plate Carrier Vest with Cumber Bund Tan