Extreme Left "KILL TEAMS" PLANNING Executions
Mike Adams WARNS conservative Senators, Supreme Court justices: The unhinged left is planning “kill team” home invasions to execute you and your families
Why Choose Patriot Mobile as your Conservative Cellular Provider
Why Choose Patriot Mobile as your Conservative Cellular Provider For years we have been saying that we DO NOT support certain companies and for obvious reasons. Where is the conflict? We all vote on a political candidate, cheer for our favorite football team and hope that one boxer knocks out the other. In the sports arena it is for fun but in the political arena our vote speaks toward our core values and beliefs. I personally do NOT shop at stores that I know are going to spend my hard-earned dollars on supporting liberal causes. If you look at our “About Us” page then you will see how Security AllStar feels about many conservative values and issues.
Huge 2nd Amendment Partnership Announcement by Security AllStar & Political Suicide
Huge 2nd Amendment Partnership Announcement by Security AllStar & Political Suicide For nearly 3 years now Security AllStar has been working on a project for 2A (2nd Amendment) supporters. Time after time we were met with unnecessary difficulty. Finally; we gave up. So what is the announcement? Well, where there is a will, there is a way.
How to Install a DIY PIR (pet smart motion sensor) with BIG Dogs!!!
How to Install a DIY PIR (pet smart motion sensor) with BIG Dogs!!! Recently we had a rather involved problem that we eventually got solved for one of our California customers. He has two medium sized dogs and we told him how to make a pet alley for his dogs. For this blog I’ll call him Aaron (that’s not his name). After a couple weeks of working on this together we realized just how important understanding how a pet smart infrared motion sensor operates can be to the end user. Let’s start with the basics. Motion sensors don’t “really” detect motion. They actually detect changes in IR (infrared) heat/cold signatures. They also send out beams in linear patterns so that so many of the beams have to be broken by the heat signature before the sensor goes off. No, there are not visible laser beams like we see in Hollywood movies but rather invisible beams that are constantly looking for those changes in heat signatures. It is important to note that this technology has a HUUUUUUUGE variety of manufacturers with varying degrees of sensitivities. Those can pick up very small changes in heat signatures to only large ones. Most small business and home security systems fall into the category of large changes in heat signatures. This is primarily because “MOST” homes and small businesses are not protecting the president or the gold at Fort Knox but the same basic principles and technology is hard at work for you. Hopefully that helps, so let’s see if we can work on how to put in a system into your home with big pets or dogs. We have to laugh because in the past there have been some pretty interesting pets in the home we have seen, alligators, Shetland ponies, black panthers and big pot-bellied pigs. They have all been considered part of someone’s family so we have helped people with some exotic situations. We call making a home available for large pets to move around freely with PIR motion sensors creating a pet alley. There is no magic to this. Here is a diagram of how your motion sensor is most likely to work and how ALL of the residential motion sensors work that we put into the field: ***Please notice that the top of the gray area is sort of a straight line across where the ceiling would be and then the beams fan out and down. The width of the beams (for purposes of this diagram are a little narrow) but they normally fan out at about 70 degrees. If you understand how this works then what we explain next makes it very simple. Here at Security Allstar we have walked hundreds of customers through the same process but you do need to make this disclaimer. When you create a pet alley for your home, you also create a space where thieves can crawl on the floor and move freely around your home if they were able to circumvent your door or window sensors or glass breaks (put them in they are important). To create a pet alley you turn the motion sensor upside down and flat against the wall above the height of your pet; usually about chest high on a human or a little lower. This creates a beam going straight out along the middle of the room, essentially dissecting the middle of the room between the ceiling and the floor and then the bottom beams fan up toward the ceiling. Make sure you are not catching an area where your large cats or dogs jump up on tables, couches or beds where they can trip your motion sensor. This also creates anther consideration. When the beams fan toward the ceiling you then need to consider ceiling fans, air conditioner ducts, and windows. All of these things can move air suddenly or have changes in air temperature or ambient heat from the sun (windows) and create false alarms. Remember Aaron? He created a pet alley and had this happen in his small home. He sent pictures from every area of the room and we could not decide how he was getting false alarms from his PIR motion sensors. After a couple of weeks we stepped him up to 2 motion sensors that had additional settings and we stopped the false alarms. Here is what was happening. Because the size of downstairs room was relatively small, when the sun came in through a window at the top of the wall, it was reflecting a pretty hot signature on the opposing wall. This created a false alarm almost every day. When we sent him the more adjustable PIR sensors he was able to offset the problem and he no more false alarms. Because I no longer do installations and we promote DIY (do it yourself) security systems, we don’t have the liability now associated with creating a pet alley. There is a vulnerability that the homeowner or store owner needs to be aware of but if you secure the perimeter of the building with door and window contacts, glass breaks and make sure you know the difference between arming to “stay” and arming “away” you will most likely not have a thief smart enough to know they need to crawl on hands and knees to get to your jewelry and firearms. Check out our products at Security AllStar and our blog for other tips and tricks. About the Blogger: Brad Staats is the CEO of Security Allstar and has been in the security industry for 15 years. He holds or maintains 3 security licenses in the state of TN as well as an FFL license. He was the Congressional Nominee for Tennessee’s 5th district in 2012 and loves to see people treated fairly.
Is and Overpriced DIY Security System App?
Is and Overpriced DIY Security System App? I was personally involved with when they released their app something like 10 years ago. In fact, I believe we were the first distributor for their product in the southeastern United States but I’m not certain about that fact. I just know we were right there with everyone else. We were there when they introduced their foray into the commercial market with the Enterprise Console and when 2GIG was barely able to keep up with the demand for their product at the overpriced security companies like Vivint raped customers with multi-year contracts. Yes, I did just say that. What I failed to see at that time was just how alluring the ease and simplicity was. I really thought that the premium price demanded by customers was not going to make it a sustainable market. I think that may have been true if had not kept aggressively moving toward the future and integrating other services. They brilliantly saw how the future of security was the integration of everything on one device. This meant so much more than I was able to see at that time.
The Kafir Gear Story
The Kafir Gear Story The last decade has shown us a LOT of changes. Without reflection it may be hard to set up the reason we are who we are and why we chose to call our Kafir Gear just what it is: Kafir Gear. We have already received a little criticism here and there for confusion between the word “kaffir” (which is not our brand) and the word “Kafir.” Let’s take a step back a decade and we can do this quickly. One of the biggest political climate changes took place with the election of Barak Hussein Obama and I was one of the skeptical hopefuls that he would succeed as a president. Why would any red-blooded, baseball or football loving, Constitutional supporting American hope for anything but a president’s success? After all our economy, rights, businesses, international affairs and fundamental beliefs all are reflected and affected by the most powerful seat in the known world. Now, I’m not here to debate the Illuminati, the actual Fed and deep state that may or may not control that seat but I am here to say that the United States President and its representation is a reflection of the political, economic, moral and ethical winds of the controlling organization, no matter who you believe that is; the voters or the illuminati.
The Best DIY Security System for Stephen & Senior Citizens
The Best DIY Security System for Stephen & Senior Citizens This is a huge question and cover a lot of years of practice and frustration and experience. The security industry has changed so much that information people had on security systems 5 years ago has altogether changed. This past week was particularly interesting as it came to security systems for those who fall into the senior citizens category. I have to address this segment of society with caution and respect because we are supposed to respect our elders and that is exactly what we need to do. My experience with senior citizens has probably been much more varied than dealing with any other segment of society. Let me explain. In the last 3 years we have hired a number of millennials. Their ages range from 18 to just under 30 years old. We have subsequently fired all of them. It is quite a few of them at this point. Now, I am not a millennial basher although I am tempted to be one at this point. Here is why. We hired a young many 2 weeks ago to come in and do basic data entry. He was to call 1,100 companies on our list and update their information. That is all. He came in on Monday and did a decent job. He updated about 80 records and then went home. He was to be in at noon the next day and I said just call us if your schedule changes.
A Woman’s Favorite Security System & Your Sex Life!
A Woman’s Favorite Security System & Your Sex Life! Yes, by today’s standards I’d probably be considered a chauvinist. I believe girls should go into the bathroom marked “Women” and boys should go into the restroom marked, “Men.” I’ve taught our 4 children why their plumbing delegates whether they are male or female and that if you are male your are more likely to want to shoot BB guns, play football and punch each other in the face for fun. If you are girl you will most likely want to participate in tea parties, put colored powder and makeup on your face and like pretty dresses.
Qolsys and PowerG change the Security Industry – Non-Compatability?
Qolsys and PowerG change the Security Industry – Non-Compatability? By the end of the week we will be introducing the PowerG to the industry along with Qolsys. As recent as last night I was involved in a social media discussion about the new Qolsys 9201-1200. There were unfair criticisms about how Qolsys had released the new S-Line (encrypted) sensors but not released a repeater or signal booster that was compatible and it would ultimately make the new sensors become the “beta max” of the industry. This is not the fault of those in the discussion but it is not accurate information. We have other blogs dedicated to the S-Line and the new security they offer so I will only say that I sincerely hope S-Line makes it and it should be a game changer for those looking for the most secure system they can find.
Qolsys S-Line Products for Real Security Needs – Now Available!!!
Qolsys S-Line Products for Real Security Needs – Now Available!!! Yes, 15 years is how long we have had this argument. 15 years is a long time and it started before I got into the industry. That means there is no telling how long the argument has been going. The real “lay man’s” terms are not focused on s-line or secure line encryption but rather how secure are security systems today. Let’s back up a little. The underlying wireless signals that modern security systems run on were established back in the 80’s and have had huge advancements since then. The systems that Security AllStar offers do not have the older standards but rather newer standards. Without “geeking out” there are basically 3 layers of security when wireless signals are transmitted from security contacts to the main panel and then that signal is transmitted to the panel and then the panel has a couple ways of sending that signal to the central station. That was not the case on a fairly recent study on some systems like SimpliSafe but they claim to have fixed that problem with their new system. No one can still seem to explain why they were OK with putting out faulty systems for 5 years and then not offering customers an upgrade path with their new system.