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Our Story

 In the beginning, there were the other guys.  The other vendors.  Their rules say your hotel infrastructure should be run in a specific manner.  Their rules say that this device should be connected to that switch.  Sure, it may be cumbersome and costly, but it’s always been done that way.  Those are the rules.  At least that’s what their rules say.

At Evolve, we’re changing the rules.

Our mission is simple.  We’re building solutions that implement simply, run powerfully, and deliver a level of guest satisfaction that’s virtually unheard of.  We don’t do things theirway, because we’ve developed the new technology that’s ready to answer today’s challenges, and embrace tomorrow’s needs.

We can help you flexibly control, customize and integrate every facet of your infrastructure, with ease and at a price to fit within your budget.

Introducing ROC

 The way we see it, you already have enough on your plate running your properties. Keeping your guests happy and delivering the level of service they expect is at the top of your list. Every interaction is a chance to delight them…or leave them frustrated.

Increasingly, the advanced systems you’ve installed in every hotel room provide your guests with comforts they may not be able to get in their own homes. But managing them? Making sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing, when they’re supposed to be doing them? That’s the challenge.

At Evolve, we’ve come up with the solution.

It’s the Evolve Room Operations Center; we call it the ROC. Make no mistake; it delivers ROC-solid connectivitySM between all of the in-room systems throughout your hotel and the full range of Evolve applications. It’s intelligent, specifically designed to provide a personalized guest experience, even as you maintain a greater degree of centralized control, maintenance and reporting across your properties.

It’s secure and reliable, providing unparalleled flexibility to meet your specific needs. You can run it on-premises, or via the cloud with fixed OpEx and no CapEx spending required. Either way, Evolve ROC adapts to meet the configuration requirements of any property and grows as your requirements change, enabling you to obtain the higher level of service you want at the lower costs on which your CFO insists.

It’s Complete Visibility. Simplified.™