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Heat Works / ISI Technology

The Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the interconnection of “smart devices” making home automation hassle free. Using IoT, the Heatworks MODEL 1 brings water heating into the digital age. Alljoyn is the platform that makes this possible. Alljoyn is not only the hub through which we run our technology for our digital tankless water heater, it is also the software framework that will allow our digital product and the Heatworks mobile app to communicate.

With the Alljoyn platform built into the Heatworks MODEL 1, it will be possible to connect your water heater to many other home automation devices. Along with our Heatworks mobile and Apple Watch apps, the way you interact with the MODEL 1 will be easier and more customizable than ever. With the MODEL 1, you are now able to control your office, vacation home or guest house water heaters remotely with the touch of a finger.

  • Easily connect to other home automation platforms such as SmartThings & HomeKit
  • Receive intelligent analytics sent straight to your device
  • Receive instant alerts for optimal times to run your MODEL 1
  • Set and forget your water heater from any mobile device
  • Personalize settings for every member of your family
  • Set sleep mode, vacation mode, sync usage data to cloud and more

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