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We are KFS Industries Inc.

We are a manufacturer of high-end firearms components and accessories. We consistently lead the industry through in-depth research, innovative development, and by using the best materials available.

We believe…

…that a firearm is not a toy, gadget, or novelty item. It is a thing of intrinsic value that is meant to be used and passed down for other generations to use.

…that many in the industry have shifted away from traditional manufacturing methods into more ‘cost-effective’ manufacturing. We believe this not only detracts from the quality of the firearm, but also from the quality of the experience.

…that we are part of a small minority of gun enthusiasts and professional firearms users who are working hard to preserve the manufacturing tradition.

We believe things (whether gun, car, or house) should be built to last. We are against the ‘throwaway culture’ that promotes quick product turnover, plans obsolescence, and manufactures cheap temporary products. We choose to design and manufacture products of the highest quality, using well-kept machines and the best materials we can find.


We don’t believe this kind of thinking is backwards or outdated. Quality never goes out of style.






…that one can’t stay on top by churning out the same old product.


…that in order to live up to our name as a high-end manufacturer, we must have an innovative mindset


…that research and development is just as important as quality manufacturing


…that new technology can help us create an even better product.


Even though we already build the strongest bipods and toughest gun sights, we’re not sitting around waiting for the competition to surprise us. We have a team of engineers, industry consultants, army and policing veterans, and respected inventors to help us stay at the top of our game. We constantly push ourselves to make improvements. Our designs are consumer-driven, adeptly responding to the needs of those who use our products.