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Law Enforcement Gear Promotions

Security AllStar along with their tactical gear and ASP Tactical Batons give law enforcement and military an advantage.

The ASP police expandable baton is made in the USA from the highest quality aerospace steel and synthetics. These low profile, non-reflective batons are rust resistant and feature traditional foamed vinyl grips that provide a firm, durable hold.

Under the most severe tactical conditions are the ASP batons tested and field-proven to be "virtually indestructible." A lifetime factory warranty on every ASP baton. These are easily carried and readily at hand with unparalleled psychological deterrence.

The Secury AllStar products and ASP expandable Baton offers important advantages over other intermediate force weapons:

  • Easily carried and readily at hand Unparalleled psychological deterrence.
  • Low profile, improved public image.
  • No sharp edges that can abrade clothing or cut an assailant.
  • Better balance than traditional impact weapons.
  • ASP Tactical Batons are available in 16, 21, and 26 inch extended lengths