Scorpion Reloads is a Michigan based small business dedicated to the manufacture and supply of high quality remanufactured ammunition for rifles and pistols. We use the highest quality components in every caliber we offer, ensuring that every round delivers performance matching the best factory ammunition. We are proud to offer a large selection of calibers to ranges, trainers, and shooters alike.

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Scorpion .380 ACP Ammo

SCORPION 380 acp 100 grain (50 Rds) remanufactured

Scorpion .40 S&W Ammo

SCORPION 40 cal. 165 grain (1,000 Rds) remanufactured

Scorpion .45 ACP Ammo

SCORPION 45 cal. 230 grain (1,000 Rds) remanufactured