SimpliSafe Replacement Program

No-Term-Contract & $13.99 or $23.99 monitoring with FREE VIDEO services on either package.  Get yours by 09/01/2018 with discount code: SSTRADENOW


Replace Your SimpliSafe System Today and get real protection!


Thousands of people who purchased SimpliSafe did not realize there was no other place to have the equipment monitored and SimpliSafe does a great job of advertising their product and not this fact!  Now that many people know the security concerns and since SimpliSafe has made enhancements to try and overcome some of the negativity about their product, customers still have no apparent upgrade path with old systems and they are still stuck with SimpliSafe because the proprietary system cannot be monitored by any other central station.


Here is the fine Print:  

  1. Click on the link above to find the discouts on the products that replace SimpliSafe
  2. Once you begin checkout, plug the discount code into the option provided and 
  3. Purchase your equipment during checkout
  4. Coupon can be used only once by any registered customer
  5. Coupon only applies to a complete security system package with monitoring and activation
  6. Order is considered complete when the monitoring agreement is completed VIA Adobe Docusign and equipment is activated online by the customer.
  7. All other "Conditions of Use" are applicable at the time of checkout.

We have a place to safely RECYCLE YOUR OLD SIMPLISAFE PRODUCTS. Please ship to!!!

Recycling Program

11520 S. US Highway 71

Kansas City, Mo 64137

Please call us today with any questions:  615-784-5452