Survival Food

Long-term food storage has always been a problem.  How do you get it inexpensively, how do you store it properly and how do you get something tasty so you don't have to eat rice and beans for 5 years if the world economy melts down, if ISIS destroys the power grid or if an EMP changes our lives forever.  Augason farms meets all those needs.  We have personally sampled everything and the food is tasty, nutritious and filled with the caloric intake you need to survive and take care of your family.  Most all products have a 25 year shelf life (some exceptsions) and come in containers that take the hassle and thought process out of having to do it your self.  Food deyndrators are great, vaccuum seals are effective and packaging is something that most people can do but where is the time.  A very good food dehydrator costs about $3,000 and then the additional supplies to prepare and store are an additional cost.  Security AllStar has take all of the labor intensive pieces away and put it at a price that is very affordable.  This is your perfect solution for long-term food storage.

                Augason Farms Simply Meal Pack with 30-year Shelf-life (612-servings)