ShotLock (TruckVault)

The SHOTLOCK Solo-Vault line of products puts home security right where you need it. On a wall or in your vehicle the large, easy to use push-button mechanical or electromechanical lock opens in seconds; so your home defense firearm is close, secure and ready.


It can be said that TruckVault was created accidentally. In the 1980s Al Chandler owned and operated a construction company in Seattle, Washington. One of his employees drove a van equipped with a home-made drawer system not unlike today’s TruckVault. When Al saw this he decided to build one for his own truck but, rather than hauling tools, he built it to haul his big boy toys - guns, fishing and more. When his friends saw this drawer system they asked to have one for their trucks, too. The process was infectious and, within a years time, TruckVault was born. The first official TruckVault was manufactured in June of 1995 and the requests have poured in ever since.