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Years of security experience have helped our staff understand the needs of everyday people.  Protecting your family, your home or business and employees and assets are on the mind of everyone these days.  It is impossible to say how many times we have had this scenario happen.  Business owner (home owner) called us and said, "My friend so and so got a security system from you last year and said I should call your company because I was robbed last night."  We would send someone out to help, sometimes while the police were still doing reports and have a very typical conversation about security and how to stop theft or break-ins and then maybe about video cameras and what really worked or what did not (let's call the stuff that does not work the junk of surveillance.)  Quite often I would have repetitive conversations about what someone should or should not do.  Make no mistake, people did not always take our advice and on a number of occasions I have lost business to someone who quoted a sub standard system, a cheaper solution, didn't include a lockbox for their DVR or just plain lied to a customer about the capabilities of a system.  Now, we consider ourselves to have a LOT of experience but some would say experts.  I am simply not comfortable with saying "expert" because then everyone expects us to have supernatural capabilities to help them out.

As far as the supernatural goes, I believe in it but don't believe that it will necessarily keep you from getting robbed or keeping your home from being broken into.  Quite honestly, you can highly discourage theft, highly discourage vandalism and certainly minimize robbery but there is no absolute obstruction to the common or professional thief.  This is why we have expanded our offerings to cover the last area overlooked by many of our customers.  After we have consulted people regarding security, surveillance or access control a very commonly asked question goes something like this, "you know, this robbery has really concerned me and I'm thinking about getting a gun or taser for personal protection, can you recomment someone?"  For years we have directed people to a few local gun dealers who also offer concealed carry classes and even helped make some recommendations regarding personal favorites on manufacturer's and handguns.  When my mother was young, she was able to evade a potentially deadly situation because she had a .38 S&W (Smith and Wesson) revolver in her car.  She has since given that gun to me and it sits proudly as a safe queen, which rarely sees the light of day.  Just knowing that gun saved my mother's life, without firing a shot, has made it a prized posession.  

Security Allstar is not here to debate 2nd Amendment rights or engage opposing ideas.  We are here to make sure that people who want to make sure their family, home, business and lifelihood are protected can do so in a lawful effective manner.  We feel, after having helped hundreds of corporations and everyday American's take steps to protect themselves, that we could do even a better job by employing experts with skillsets that compliment our desire to be the single point of contact on the WWW to help you equip yourself with whatever you deem necessary and effective to protect yourself.  The topics on these pages are dedicated to just that. Feel free to contact us regarding recommendations, solutions and tactical equipment to make sure you have the advantage over the criminal that wants to harm or steal what is not his.  Call Security AllStar.