Uniden America

Uniden America Corporation, the North American subsidiary of Japan-based Uniden Corporation, manufactures and markets wireless consumer electronic products including cordless telephones, business telecommunications systems, Bearcat® scanners, FRS/GMRS radios, marine radios and other wireless personal communications products. Based in Irving, Texas, Uniden sells its products through dealers and distributors throughout North, Central and South America.

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Uniden b75xlt

BC75XLT 300-Channel Handheld Scanner

Uniden BC125AT

BC125AT 500 Channel Handheld Scanner with Alpha Tagging

Uniden BC355N

BC355N 800MHz Base / Mobile Scanner

Uniden bc365crs

BC365CRS Alarm Clock Radio Scanner

Uniden bcd325p2

BCD325P2 Handheld TrunkTracker V scanner

Uniden bcd436hp

BCD436HP HomePatrol Series Scanner

Uniden BCD536HP

BCD536HP HomePatrol Series Scanner with Wi-Fi

Uniden bcd996p2

BCD996P2 Digital Mobile TrunkTracker V Scanner