Qolsys Interactive Monitoring


Interactive Monitoring. monitoring with phone app and remote arming and disarming. Includes:

* User Code Management
* Wireless 2-Way Voice
* Up to 50 Sensors
* Police-Fire-Medical Emergency

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Call 615-784-5452 x 101 for additional assistance.


Name Includes ÿ Price
Wireless Signal Forwarding (Only after Installed at Customers House) ÿ Included
Interactive User Code Control
Remote Arming
ÿ $29.99
Gold Interactive User Code Control
Remote Arming
Sensor Activity Monitoring for 10 sensors
ÿ $39.99
GoldÿInteractive Includes User Code Control
Remote Arming
Arming Supervision
Arming/Disarming Reports
Commercial Reports
Enterprise Security Console
ÿ NC
Gold Interactive Benefits User Code Control
Remote Arming
Arming Supervision
Sensor Activity Reports
Arming/Disarming Reports
Sensor Activity Monitoring for 15 sensors
Commercial Reports
Arming Schedules
Wireless 2-Way Voice
Weather to the Panel
Lights and Thermostat Bundle
Water Management
Garage Door Control
LiftMaster Integration
Lutron Integration
Severe Weather Alerts
Image Sensor Alarms
Image Sensor Plus
Enterprise Security Console
Identity Theft Protection
ÿ NC
Pro Video Only Pro Video
ÿ $10.00

Below is a table of all the additional features available. Please note that some features may be restricted due to the modem’s firmware version.ÿ

Name Price
Voice Notifications for Alarms Call
Voice Notifications for Non-Alarms Call
Thermostat Control Call
Arming Schedules Call
Sensor Activity Monitoring for 5 sensors Call
Pro Video Call
4 additional cameras and 5,000 clips of Extra Video Storage (Online / Uploads) Call
Wireless 2-Way Voice Call
Wireless 2-Way Voice Overage Rate Call
Weather to the Panel Call
Digital-input Triggered Videos Call
Lights Call
Thermostats Call
Locks Call
Enterprise Notices Call
Lights and Thermostat Bundle Call
Severe Weather Alerts Call
Image Sensor Alarms Call
Image Sensor Plus Call
Image Sensor Extras Call
Enterprise Security Console Call
Energy Monitoring Call
Lutron Remote Access Call
Identity Theft Protection $2.00
Green Button Call
Garage Door Control Call
Lutron Integration Call
LiftMaster Integration Call
Water Management Call


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