Skybell ADC-VDB106x Doorbell Camera Bronze Slimline


Can ONLY be used with app (subscription required)
Full color 180 degree video, night vision IR up to 8 feet, option to silence chime, on-demand video and recorded clips, two-way audio through built in speaker and microphone, motion sensor detects motion up to 8 feet, multiple user capability
SkyBell Slim Line is only 1.4 inches wide — allowing it to fit perfectly on even the slimmest of door trims and door frames
Cloud recording included so you can download or watch video clips at any time. Also, monitor your front door remotely by starting the video from the app
Requirements: Power: 8-30VAC, 10VA or 12VDC, 0.5 to 1.0A wired to in-home mechanical chime. Digital doorbell chime compatibility requires SkyBell Digital Doorbell Adapter – not included. Wi-Fi: Compatible with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz up to 150 Mbps. Upload Bandwidth: 2Mbps required Mounting: Mounting plate affixes to flat surface, and utilizes existing doorbell wiring.


  • Overview

    With two options to choose from – the original SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera and Slim Line I – it’s easy to deliver front door awareness to even more customers! Each Doorbell Camera features everything listed below and more – all right from the app.


    • Doorbell with integrated camera
    • PIR motion sensor
    • Digital microphone and speaker
    • Record doorbell-triggered clips
    • Set motion-triggered automation rules
    • Receive real-time alerts


    Included materials:
    • Wall mounting bracket
    • Wall screws
    • Masonry anchors

    Visit for more information.

    For installation instructions, see SkyBell Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera (ADC-VDB101/102/105/106/105x/106x) – Installation Guide.




    SkyBell Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera (ADC-VDB101/102)
    AC Power A SkyBell Doorbell Camera wired to an in-home mechanical or digital doorbell chime requires 16–24 VAC, 10 VA (20 VA if two doorbell cameras are on the circuit).

    Transformers without a doorbell chime need a 10 Watt, 10 Ohm resistor.

    Note: Digital chimes require a digital doorbell adapter to be compatible. For more information, see Digital doorbell adapter -installation guide.

    DC Power A SkyBell Doorbell Camera requires a DC power supply rated at exactly 12 VDC, 0.5–1 Amps.
    Wi-Fi Compatible with Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4 GHz up to 150 Mbps.
    Video Camera 180° view, auto-scaling, full-color
    • Live: 1080p (adjustable to lower resolution if required)
    • Recorded: 720p
    Night Vision Full Color
    Audio Omni-directional microphone
    Motion Sensor Detects motion up to 8 ft range
    Battery Life 3 to 5 years
    Dimensions (width x depth; weight): 2.8 x 0.9 in (7.1 x 2.2 cm); 1.9 oz (53.8g)
    Environment Outdoor use, operating temp -40°F/-40°C to 140°F/60°C, water resistant, 0-100% condensing
    Minimum bandwidth 2 Mbps

    For more information, see What are the internet service and bandwidth requirements for video devices?.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in


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